Bongo Room

Dessert is brunch at this trendy spot

Pumpkin zucchini flapjacks, by Karina for TKGO

With loud, pulsating music, the Wicker Park outpost of Bongo Room is almost too trendy for its own good. If you’re a fan of sweets and brunch as I am, Bongo Room is heaven. (Think white chocolate and caramel in lieu of syrup and red velvet pancakes.)

Expect long lines on weekends, although the staff does a good job of keeping people moving through, but magically, doesn’t rush you when you’re seated. And luckily, a handful of boutiques are right nearby, and if you choose to explore them your table will be ready before you know it.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

1470 N. Milwaukee Ave., Wicker Park, Chicago. (773) 489-0690.
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