The Lucky Platter

Part diner, part Southern kitchen, part Tandoori Chicken Salad — this place impresses

All Tara's favorite things: cappuccino, Fried Green Tomatoes Eggs Benedict and the Omelette No. 1 Scramble, by Tara for TKGO

The best way to describe the intricate and interesting decor of Lucky Platter is probably as a bohemian diner. The booths and tables are chicer, more styled versions than what you would off the highway, and all of the decorations look as though a personal decorator who specializes in vintage and folk art individually selected them. Somehow everything comes together for a cohesive and excitingly distinct overall look, including the compact balls of tinfoil, perfectly spaced and stuck on the ceiling.

Breakfast is the real reason to come, and specifically the Scrambles and the Benedicts. You can build your own Scramble, but the Cajun is incredible. Get this: “scrambled eggs with garlic, andouille sausage, broccoli, pepperjack cheese and a little remoulade sauce” for $8.25. And Omelette No. 1: “filled with artichoke hearts, avocado, goat cheese and our roasted tomato sauce” ($8.50). Scrambles come with breakfast potatoes and either a raisin scone, apricot cheese flakey or toast. Do yourself a favor and try the flakey. If you’re really hungry, there’s such a thing as cinnamon-glazed bacon. Delicious. As for the Benedicts, Tara’s favorite is the Fried Green Tomato ($8.25): “poached eggs, fried green tomatoes, spinach, hollandaise and a little roasted tomato sauce served on our toasted cornbread.”

Last but not least, don’t forget the cappuccino! The foam is unmatched in Evanston. And the sweet potato fries are a must, too. Just maybe not with the cappucino. But then again, that’s what The Lucky Platter is best at — putting together combinations, whether with food or decor, that you probably would never imagine but The Lucky Platter makes you realize are perfect.

Tara and Karina for TKGO City Guides

514 Main St., Evanston. (847) 869-4064.
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