El Último Beso

The secret garden behind this café is perfect for a coffee break between hitting up shops in Palermo

El Último Beso

Stacks of fashion magazines invite shoppers to pause for a break in this prim and proper tea-time café in Palermo (whose name means “the last kiss”). Tea and coffee is served on china plates with cookies, and in the summer the outdoor patio has a running fountain and flowers climb the walls. Great iced tea and little cakes! They also have a small selection of clothing and home decor items, and they do serve meals, like seco de cordero (lamb) and what they deem “Mediterranean” foods, but the highlight is the garden.

Ashley with a selection of pastries, coffee and iced tea at El Último Beso. Tara for TKGO.

Nicaragua 4880 at Thames, in Palermo, 54-11-4832-7711. It’s pricey—high tea will cost about AR$25 per person—so just stop by for a drink and cookie. A meal will put you out AR$70.

Official site >
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Check out Concierge.com’s 40-second video slideshow >
Google Maps >

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