Shopping in Buenos Aires

Before you read on, I should preface with this: Buenos Aires is stuck in the ’80s when it comes to fashion. They love all those colors and patterns from Fresh Prince, and that will be painfully apparent in all the boutiques below. If you’re a Banana Republic kind of person, the Buenos Aires fashion scene just isn’t for you, and that’s OK.

What to pack? In the summer, everyone wears jeans. Never shorts, even if it’s 100 degrees. The rule for women: You can show your legs if your thighs don’t touch; if they do, you wear jeans. (Although every woman wears jeans all the time anyway.) No respectable man goes without a shirt, no matter the temp. The moral of this story? No matter the weather, pack jeans or a skirt that at least goes to the mid-thigh. The top half of you is all that will change from season to season. The good news is that most cafés and hotels are air-conditioned, so you’ll rarely be uncomfortable.

The even better news? Nobody exercises! So don’t bring your running shoes unless you’re planning on burning a hole in the treadmill in the hotel gym, because the locals will stare as you dart through the streets in your Nike get-up.

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