The “secret” bar that hasn’t been a secret for quite some time now

Ocho7Ocho's extensive bar, courtesy of the official web site

When Food & Wine, Concierge.com, The Guardian and TimeOut know you exist, you can’t really call yourself a secret anymore, right? Wrong.

This “secret” bar is one of the puertas cerradas (“closed doors”) in the city. That doesn’t refer to a selective bouncer; you’ll get in no matter who you are. It only means that the bar isn’t marked on the outside, so passersby don’t end up stopping in. Instead, the bar becomes a destination, and everyone who ends up inside has found out about it through a friend or just about any media outlet.

The result? A clientele who’s chic, into creative cocktails and always at the latest hot spot. Snag one of the vintage sofas after stopping at the endlessly long bar to order a whiskey (or mojito). Happy hour is only an hour, from 8 to 9 p.m., but take advantage of drink specials while you can. (Drinks aren’t unbearably expensive, but you’re also not getting the rooftop deck at Carnal or much of an ambiance.)

Bring a group — there’s plenty of space!

Thames 878 at Loyola, 54-11-4773-1098.
Official site >
Guía Óleo reviews >
Concierge.com raves about the drinks >
The Guardian names it one of Buenos Aires’s top 10 bars >
Google Maps >

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