Pita Inn

The North Shore isn’t short on falafel and Mediterranean options, but Pita Inn comes out on top

I have a general rule of thumb I use to set my authenticity expectations for ethnic restaurants: If people of the same ethnicity as the restaurant’s cuisine are seated at tables relishing the food, it must be good. (After all, they probably grew up with the food and have recipes from grandmothers or generations prior.) Such is the case with Pita Inn. The tables of Pita Inn, though, are invariably full with all types of people. At lunch, the line will be out the door with everyone from construction workers to suited business types rubbing shoulders.

The prices are surprisingly cheap and service surprisingly fast for the quality of meats and vegetables, cooked and spiced to perfection. The pita, baked fresh on the premises, is soft and warm, and magically thick enough to withstand stuffing it with all the fresh fillings. The shawarma is thinly sliced, the hummus is smooth and all servings are generous. And the falafel? We dare you to find better. (Seriously, if you do, let us know because we’re there.)

Karina for TKGO City Guides

3910 Dempster St., Skokie. (847) 677-0211.
Official site >
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