Restaurants in Chicago

Billy Goat Tavern: A legendary city spot where old media types would gather to drink and get the scoop >

Bistro 110: A surprisingly quaint French bistro half a block off Michigan Avenue >

Bongo Room: Dessert is brunch at this trendy spot >

Butterfly: An affordable, creative sushi menu at a BYOB in the West Loop >

Cafe BaBaReeba!: Any establishment with an exclamation point in its name automatically makes me dubious as to how fun it actually is, but this place is deserving of its punctuation >

*Cafe Iberico: Chicago’s best tapas restaurant >

Carnivale: A party atmosphere with tempting Nuevo Latino dishes >

Foodlife: The future of food courts: upscale and seamless >

*Nacional 27: “Eat, drink and dance” at one of Chicago’s best Latin restaurants >

Ras Dashen: An unassuming and authentic Ethiopian restaurant >

SushiSamba Rio: Some might say SushiSamba’s heyday is over, but one evening at the Rio spot would change their minds >

Stella’s Diner: A diner on Broadway with some unexpected eats >

The Wiener’s Circle: A hot dog stand with attitude piled higher than toppings >