Fundació Joan Miró (and Montjuïc)

The mountainside museum pays homage to a great Catalan artist

Outside Fundació Joan Miró, by Karina for TKGO

It took me visiting Barcelona to discover the beauty and playfulness that is Joan Miró’s work. The late Catalan artist, along with Gaudi, Picasso and Dali, is beloved in Barcelona, and his tribute museum contains some of his best sculptures, paintings and tapestries. Fundació Joan Miró is set on Montjuïc and makes use of the spectacular views and outdoor setting with glassed-in windows and outdoor sculptures. Miró’s aesthetic matches and mirrors the spirit of Barcelona, and Fundació Joan Miró is the ideal place to experience it.

Before or after a visit to the Fundació, explore Montjuïc, which boasts a spire and structures from the 1992 Olympic Games that transformed the city, as well as scenic gardens.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

Parc de Montjuïc. +34 93 443 94 70.

Official site >
Google Maps >

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