Comerç 24

Feel as though you’re rediscovering your taste buds with a gastronomic tour of Catalan cuisine

Inside Comerç 24, by Karina for TKGO

Any meal that starts with four types of olive oil arranged from softest to strongest (as in most yellow to darkest) and golden-dusted nuts is going to be quite the culinary experience. After all, chef Carles Abellán trained with world-renowned and ever playful molecular gastronomy master Ferran Adrià of El Bulli. Expect to spend a substantial amount of money for dinner, but the sleek, contemporary interior and comfortably experimental food delivers and make it a meal you’ll tell people about probably forever.

Abellán plays with your palette with some unlikely pairings in his tapas (which are really like small entrees), and his dessert, which is a take on a favorite children’s snack of Maldon sea salt, chocolate, and extra virgin olive oil, is perfection. Choose a tasting menu — either grand or regular — to see (or rather, taste) the range of what Abellán can do.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

C/ Comerç, 24. +34 933 192 102.

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