Café de los Angelitos

This tourist trap has reasonable prices and some of the best hot chocolate in the city

Café de los Angelitos, courtesy of flickr user JohnSeb

I want to say this place is overrated because of all the tourists and tango shows, but I can’t. Besides the history it has (comedians, politicians like Juan B. Justo, and famous tango dancers, including Carlos Gardel, used to meet here frequently), locals still respect it and the food is some of the best in the city. My grandma and I are both chocoholics (specifically for dark chocolate), and both of us agree the chocolate espejo (dark hot chocolate) is best here. The cake portions are massive and meant to be shared. Despite the tourism draw, the prices compare to cafés in the rest of the city. Try the torta de ricota, a ricotta cheese torte.

Rivadavia 2100 at Rincón, in Microcentro, 54-11-4952-2320. Cards accepted. Expect to spend AR$30.
Official site >
Guía Óleo reviews >
A blog post I did for Condé Nast Traveler on chocolate con churros here >
Google Maps >

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