Museum of Contemporary Art

One of the country’s leading contemporary art museums

Outside the MCA, by Karina for TKGO.

I loved this museum so much in my early years at Northwestern that I applied to work here as an intern my senior year of college. The well-renowned museum prides itself on focusing of the art of “our time,” and also has a permanent gallery space devoted to featuring an up-and-coming Chicago artist that rotates each month. I consider the museum the ideal size to peruse, learn and absorb without feeling overwhelmed, which is good with contemporary art, because often the installations, videos, photography, paintings or sculptures are intensely thought-provoking. Moreover, the floor-to-ceiling windows face toward the limestone Chicago Water Tower and Michigan Avenue, providing an ever-present view of the glittering Gold Coast.

Museum programming also includes a slew of educational and social events, including the popular First Friday events, which take place the first Friday of every month (bet you figured that one out), coincide with the opening of an exhibition or two and feature a DJ, bars, appetizers and lots of mingling. And not to be overlooking is the MCA Stage and its performances, which have included plays and dance performances from top international playwrights and choreographers.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

220 E. Chicago Ave., Chicago. (312) 280-2660.
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