m. henry

A hearty breakfast spot in Andersonville well worth the long wait

m. henry's Blueberry Bliss Pancakes, Banana French Toast and Breakfast Sandwich, by Tara for TKGO

When people list the top brunch spots in Chicago, m. henry is almost always listed among them. The pancakes are always perfectly fluffy, the French toast perfectly wrapped in flavor and the coffee piping hot.

The menu is divided down the middle: Entrees are either sweet or savory, but rarely a mix of both. Blueberry Bliss pancakes might as well be a dessert, and while they’re hard to polish off on your own, they’re a perfect choice if you’re splitting with someone who ordered a savory option, like the Breakfast Sandwich.

Go around noon or 1 p.m. on a weekday if you don’t want to wait, but if there’s a line, that’s no reason to dash. If you’re antsy, bring some champagne and orange juice for mimosas while you wait — it’s BYOB.

Tara for TKGO City Guides

5707 N. Clark St., Chicago. (773) 561-1600. Reservations not accepted.
Official site >
Google Maps >

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