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Celeb Spotting and Architecture Peeping in Naples, Florida

What does Judge Judy have in common with a retired banker? You’ll find both walking their dogs (in strollers) in the gated community of Bay Colony in Naples, Florida. Naturally, the houses and condos they vacation in are often more impressive than their careers.

Bay Colony's mansions on the beachWhile the series of high rises in Naples are full of condos worth seeing, the real high rollers have their own private houses on the beach at the end of Bay Colony Drive. (Tom Cruise was rumored to have owned one!)

Bay Colony's mansions on the beachBay Colony's mansions on the beachBay Colony's mansions on the beach

In the market for a vacation spot and have a loose $12.9 million? Four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a den make up the nearly 10,000 sq. ft. of the above beach house. Guests have their own tower, on the right. Click for photos of the inside of this Bay Colony property.

The below mansion, with five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a den in over 7,000 sq. ft., runs for $10.9 million. A slideshow of the rooms inside can be found on the same site.

Bay Colony's mansions on the beach

The houses are rarely occupied, but if dinner in the tower of a mansion is your idea of a great Wednesday night—or your kids plan on marrying into money—Christmas is your best chance of running into the owners. Good luck!

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It’s here: TKGO City Guides, Naples, Florida!

Check out the latest addition to the TKGO City Guides collection: Naples, Florida! There’s more to southeast Florida than fun in the sun. This guide is a must-read for any 20-something trying to navigate the land of the retired. Find plenty of great restaurants and — dare we say it — nightlife!

If you’re stuck in the midwest, check out our recent updates to the Chicago and Evanston guides, including a classic brunch spot in Andersonville and a Cuban “food mart” in Rogers Park.

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Princess Diana Goes To Florida

Well, not the living Princess Diana (obviously). The last few dresses she auctioned before she passed away in 1997 are on display at the von Liebig Art Center in Naples, Florida. The 20 dresses are all privately owned by People magazine, WE and private collectors and the exhibit won’t be traveling, so this is the only chance to see the gowns side by side.


Some of the miniature dolls in recreations of Diana


Each of her dresses tells a story about her life and her personality. The Princess was praised for re-wearing and repurposing her gowns, which cost anywhere from $30,000 to over $200,000, to save money. (Apparently other princesses don’t wear the same thing twice?) Some ways she did so were to remove the sleeves and high necklines required on visits to the Middle East, to turn the dress into a strapless gown. A quintessential example: “Auction Dress #18.” Diana had this light blue chiffon and lace gown reinvented after visiting Qatar and wore the altered version to a presidential banquet in Cameroon and a charity event. The Great American Doll Company also used this dress as a model for the dresses its Diana dolls would wear.

Even in business, she had a playful side. For a 1983 Klondike Gold Rush party in Canada, Diana wore a Klondike-era pink dress with tiered rouching, long sleeves and a high neck. (The Naples exhibit is the first to bring this dress to an exhibit in the U.S.)


Me, next to a recreation of a dress Diana wore to the 1966 London


Along with the dresses, display cases full of memorabilia lined the small exhibition room and halls. Christmas cards, royal certificates and miniature dolls donning Diana’s more famous looks are squeezed between the dresses in their own cases. Diana used to spend hours writing thank-you notes to everyone she met each day, and many of those are on display as well. (Her handwriting was almost completely illegible, but it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Taking photos was not allowed at the exhibit because of the owners’ rights, but click here for a video from NaplesNews.com of all the dresses. If you’re in the Naples area, get tickets to the exhibit ($12), which will continue until June 27.

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Sweet Treats to Greet the New Year

Too much rhyming?

When I think of New Year’s Eve, I think of all the goodies laid out on tables all over the world to satisfy hungry party-goers. Here are a few of my favorite spots to find those delicious morsels.

Cesibon, Naples, Florida


My sister at Cesibon in Naples, Florida, by Tara for TKGO


I’m currently in Naples, Florida, with my family for the holidays, and my favorite part of the whole city is the homemade gelato from this little stripmall shop. Let the owners (who are French but studied gelato-making in Italy for years) tell you which two flavors to mix. You may be surprised, but coconut and pinneapple is a heavenly combo!

Find Cesibon at 8807 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, Florida 34108; (239) 566-8363.

Caramelito, Buenos Aires


Caramelito in Buenos Aires, by Tara for TKGO


You can’t even walk inside this tiny store, it’s so packed with nuts, wrapped candies and dried fruits (with the pits still in!). Pick up a little of everything—I like the fig varieties the best—for a good party.


Find Caramelito on the corner of Pasteur and Viamonte in Buenos Aires. Courtesy of Google Maps.


Glup’s, Paris




This French version of Candyland is packed wall to wall with pour-it-yourself sugary treats. You name it, you’ll find it: watermelon sours, licorice ropes and everything in between.

Find a list of Glup’s locations here.

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