Clásica y Moderna

This little “writer’s café” offers a good cup of joe and an attached bookstore

*Note: All photos taken from Clásica y Moderna’s official site.

This café may seem a little cheesy, but only in the best way. Among its accolades: It’s been named a Sitio de Interés Cultural (Site of Cultural Interest or Importance) by the Legislatura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, and a Bar y Librería Notable (Notable Bar/Library) by the Comisión de Patrimonio del Gobierno de la Ciudad.

Why? In the ’50s, the library/bar was one of the most important meeting places for the writers, politicians and humanitarians of the time. (While locals are quick to point this out, few can name who actually visited and the Clásica y Moderna web site doesn’t specify, either. Welcome to Argentina, where everyone’s proud of their culture but no one keeps track of the details.)

You can have a half-decent meal here, but no one really comes for the food. They come because it’s a Buenos Aires institution, and the coffee’s not half bad. Don’t leave without browsing through the books! You’ll find all the Argentinean classics, and then some.

Av. Callao 892 at Paraguay, in Recoleta, 54-11-4812-8707. Credit cards accepted. Take note: It closes at 3 p.m.
Official site (in Spanish) >
Guía Óleo reviews >
Google Maps >

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