Café Tortoni

While Café de Los Angelitos is still a decent place for a cup, Tortoni is reserved for people-watching

Café Tortoni, courtesy of flickr user blmurch

This touristy spot actually is overrated. It offers the same items as Café de Los Angelitos, but at a higher price and lower quality. Yes, like Café de Los Angelitos, it has a lot of history, and it’s in a great after-the-opera spot, but all in all, it’s an expensive tourist trap with mediocre food. You’ll find some rich Brazilians here, though, which should at least give you a few laughs. Try guessing all the nationalities! You’ll find Brits and other Europeans, Americans, Australians, Germans and anyone else who might venture into Bs As for a week.

Av. de Mayo 825 at Uruguay, in Microcentro, 54-11-4342-4328. Cards accepted. You’ll spend AR$55.
Official site >
Guía Óleo reviews >
A blog post I did for Condé Nast Traveler on chocolate con churros here >
Wikipedia explains Café Tortoni’s history >
Google Maps >

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