Sala Apolo

The craziest Monday night party — “Nasty Mondays” — goes down here

A Nasty Mondays DJ, by Karina for TKGO

Monday nights at Apollo (a 1940s dance hall): All the crazy music you love dancing to but never thought you’d hear at a club, two half-naked Spanish hipster deejays on stage joined occasionally by people a) carrying life-sized tiger stuffed animals b) in leotards, tights and heels and carrying a bat (don’t worry, girl this time), c) riding those plastic Little Tykes tricycles I had when I was five d) dressed like characters from A Clockwork Orange with pig snouts e) usually all of the above. Oh, and one time I was headbutted, and though it was presumably an accident, it still indicates just how nuts it gets. Monday nights here are a must.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

C/ Nou De La Rambla 111. +34 93 441 40 01.

Official site >
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