Bar Pinotxo

There’s no menu at this Boqueria tapas bar

Bar Pinotxo (the name is reversed in Spanish), by Karina for TKGO

It’s the most unassuming little place tucked in La Boqueria, which is Barcelona’s emblematic market with rows and rows of little fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, candy, bread, etc. stands. The restaurant has no menu, so the guys cooking behind the bar fill you in on the day’s dishes. We ordered a garbanzo dish – chickpeas mixed with thin bits of meat and dried grapes, seasoned with olive oil, onion, parsnip, et al – and a codfish salad. The “salad” part of it was lentil and tiny diced vegetables, of course seasoned deliciously. I swear it was tastier every bite – the food was just so fresh and authentic.

The man wearing the vest in the picture is Juanito, who owns and runs the place. Apparently he’s something of a local celebrity (and adorable!), so next wait for a seat at the bar to try strike up a conversation and watch them cook.

La Rambla, 91 in La Boqueria Market. +34 93 317 17 31.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

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