Cerveceria Catalana

Expect to wait, but also expect delicious food and one of the most fun dinner atmospheres in the city

Bar at Cerveceria Catalana, by Karina for TKGO

Cerveceria is a spot I loved to bring visitors. It’s up in the Eixample neighborhood, so you won’t get too many wandering tourists unless they’re quite clued in — and those are the tourists you’d want to encounter, anyway! The tapas are really well-done, and although some of their offerings are little more elegant than the basic tapas, but they still stick to simplicity. The dish with melted goat cheese over sautéed and stacked red and green peppers is my absolute favorite, and I always ordered a prawn skewer. I really enjoyed every small plate I had at Cerveceria, which ended up being quite a smattering at the end of my four months.

Every time I frequented Cerveceria Catalana, everyone in our group made friends, whether it was with outgoing patrons or my good amiga the hostess, who always helped us out a little when the wait was forever. The staff does not take reservations, but take that as an opportunity to grab a glass of wine at the bar, watch people pass and inevitably meet people. If you’re lucky, they already ordered some tapas at the bar and will generously share.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

C/ Mallora, 236. +34 93 216 03 68‎.
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