Las Ramblas (and Plaza Reial)

One street everyone must see — just make sure to get beyond it. (Plus: Plaza Reial)

Las Ramblas, courtesy of

It’s with great reluctance I include this on my guide, but it would be conspicuously absent if I didn’t. Every tourist knows about Las Ramblas, which is precisely why I have such issues with it. Barcelonens know it’s a tourist trap, and they will do anything to get tourist money, whether that’s taking it straight from your pockets (no joke; the most pickpockets happen on this stretch in Barcelona) or dressing up to resemble the Catalan incarnation of the Tin Man. Enough with the scare tactics, though. And just remember  the only rule I make everyone promise: Do not eat on Las Ramblas! You’ll invariably get unauthentic, overpriced food. Just go one street over and you’re golden.

Also, off Las Ramblas is the nearby Plaza Reial, which is an open square surrounded with pricey (and some say tourist trap) restaurants, bars and clubs that is (as expected) touristy, but a fun place to wander or relax. Also, Gaudí designed the lightposts.

Karina for TKGO City Guides

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