Sea Salt

Champagne, chocolate truffles and dozens of varieties of salt to cure an after-shopping appetite

Sometimes glamour is in order. And in Naples, let’s face it — it’s hard to find a suitable place to be glamorous. Sea Salt to the rescue.

Snag a table on the patio at 4:30, order a glass of French or Italian champagne and select a chocolate truffle (or two) from Fort Myers’s Norman Love from the display case. But the best part? You’ll feel like the first person to discover that salt — yes, salt — is champagne’s other half. Along with the bread and olive oil at your table, you’ll taste-test three differently flavored sea salts, ranging from Himalayan Pink to Merlot. If three isn’t enough, taste and buy the rest at the same counter as the truffles. In other words, bring your credit cards.

Tara for TKGO City Guides

1186 Third Street South, Naples. (239) 434-7258. Reservations recommended for dinner only.
Official site >
Esquire magazine named Sea Salt one of the best new restaurants of 2009 >
Google Maps >

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