A colorful restaurant offers a late-night bar with plenty of board games

Acabar, by Tara for TKGO

This restaurant has a Cheesecake Factory-length menu, spiral-bound and never-ending. And while the food is great (especially the lasagna with mushroom sauce and anything from the dessert menu), the place really gets going later, when it becomes a bar. Why is it so awesome? Because they have shelves of board games in a corner, and in true Argentinean style, they never rush you out. Grab a group of friends, order a few rounds and play anything from Sex Pictionary in Spanish to endless rounds of trivia.

This may be one of the biggest restaurants I’ve seen in Buenos Aires, especially in Palermo, but even so, it’s constantly packed and you’ll have to wait for a table. (But believe me—it’s worth it!) You can’t be picky as to which room your table will be in, but be sure to take a look around. Different rooms are decorated in different themes, all gaudy and full of eye candy.

Don’t forget to visit the bathroom, where you’ll find a different kind of eye candy. Magazine photos of naked men are plastered on the walls in the women’s room, and naked women are in the men’s.

The women's restroom at Acabar, by Tara for TKGO

Honduras 5733 at Bonpland, 54-11-4772-0845. Credit cards accepted. Look for the red awning!
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One response to “Acabar

  1. Ahhh this was the first place I went to when I studied abroad in B.A.! Spot-on description 🙂

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