Feirs Park Hotel’s Happy Hour Diplomático

Drinks and appropriate music for you and grandma to have a good time

Parents around? Already seen a tango “cena show” and half the movies (with subtitles) in theaters at the moment? It’s time for an outing, and Feirs Park Hotel has just the solution.

Happy Hour Diplomático. I still can’t believe I went to this with my crazy Argentine friend, Renzo. It’s OK—he’s cool and we had fun. The Happy Hour is run by Club Diplomático, an independent organization that organizes social and sporting events between Argentine and foreign diplomats and local Argentines, in an effort that they can all find common ground. If you ask me, this is a fantastic place to hang out (if you speak enough Spanish to talk to the fascinating people you’ll meet).

The ticket price is AR$30 at the door, and there’s no need to buy tickets ahead of time, but if you do you’ll pay AR$25 instead. The oddball assortment of Argentines makes you immediately aware that tourists have not found this little night spot, so if at least one person in your party doesn’t speak Spanish, you might want to steer clear.

What’s in store for you? Appetizers are passed for the first few hours, but by midnight or 1 a.m. it’s a party, with a live band and stiff drinks. The music, crowd and attire are all appropriate for middle-aged (and grandparents) who like to stay out late. Finally, something to do after dinner!

Esmeralda 1366 at Av. Del Libertador, 54-11-4371-0261.
Official event site (with upcoming Happy Hours) >
Official Club Diplomático site >
Official Feirs Park Hotel site >
Google Maps >

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