Post Street Bar

The center of the Buenos Aires graffiti scene is… a bar. What else?

Post Bar has a long history of being the center of graffiti in Buenos Aires, which to anyone from the U.S. might seem strange. In the U.S., graffiti developed as a part of the Four Elements: rapping, DJing, break dancing and graffiti, all as part of a social movement. In Buenos Aires, where the same social issue doesn’t exist, graffiti has become an important form of political protest (if you don’t know the long history of dictatorships and military coups in Argentina, you’ll want to read this before going). So if you’ve been to Club Lost (a.k.a. Club Araoz) and seen the break dancers, you can’t connect the two cultures like you can in the U.S.

That said, the graffiti you’ll see at Post Bar is mostly political, and a brief history of the country will do you some good to help interpret it. Or you could bring a local, who will be happy to explain their high school history lessons.

The drinks are cheap, the art is fantastic, the picadas (a platter of various meats, cheeses and olives) on the menu are tasty, and there’s plenty of seating. Go for free pizza on Thursdays! And I hear they offer graffiti stencil classes some weekends. Call the bar to reserve a spot.

Thames 1885 at Nicaragua, 54-11-6289-6258.
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2 responses to “Post Street Bar

  1. Hi, that picture is not the Post Street bar outside. can you chage?? thxs

  2. Hello, thanks for catching that and we apologize! It is now updated.

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