United Center

Home of the Blackhawks, the Bulls and pop music fanatics

Take a virtual tour of United Center on the official web site.

United Center morphs into three different venues to serve three general purposes: 1. An ice rink during hockey season, where the Blackhawks call it home. 2. A basketball court for the Bulls. 3. The largest concert venue in Chicago (when the Black Eyed Peas decide to brave the snow).

Maybe it’s because I’m from Wisconsin, but a good live hockey game is some of the best entertainment in Chicago. Nosebleed seats cost $25, but the games rarely sell out. In fact, they’re usually pretty empty unless the Blackhawks are having an exception season (which, let’s face it, isn’t that common despite the fact that four Blackhawks played on Olympic teams this year). You can usually sneak your way to the front, especially after halftime, to snag one of the empty, more expensive seats closer to the rink for a perfectly unobstructed view of the fights.

Bulls tickets can be even cheaper, starting at $10. But the one thing you may want to avoid are the concerts. Unless you’re a die-hard Britney fan and/or enjoy tween excitement, stay away.

Tara for TKGO City Guides

1901 W. Madison St., Chicago. Box office and ticket info for the Blackhawks (312) 455-7000; for the Bulls (312) 455-4000; for the United Center (312) 455-4500.
Official site >
Take a virtual tour (or 15!) >
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