Silverspot Cinemas

Plush seating and a wine bar make the movies fun again

The seats at Silverspot, courtesy of the official site

These 11 theaters offer reserved seating, so you can choose where you sit when you buy your tickets. The seats are also made of a soft leather and staggered up the theater, so you have extra legroom and heads never get in your way, even if you’re behind a 7-foot tall man with spiked hair. Armrests are thick enough for both of you to rest your limbs, and each has deep cup holders.

While there is a restaurant in the lobby, I don’t recommend it. Head to the wine bar instead for a compliment to your popcorn. You can bring your cocktails and wine into the theater!

Tara for TKGO City Guides

9118 Strada Pl., Naples. (239) 592-0300.
Official site >
Showtimes and tickets >
Google Maps >

One response to “Silverspot Cinemas

  1. Favorite night out I had in Naples!

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