Jam from El Bolsón

Patagonia’s Tastiest Products

part 2: Jam

Cabana Mico sign in El Bolson

Cabaña Micó sign in El Bolsón, by Karina for TKGO

El Bolsón encompasses a host of organic farms, and homemade jam is a local specialty. Cabaña Micó is considered to produce some of the tastiest and freshest, all without the assistance of additives and preservatives. Taste as many flavors as you’d like, though I wouldn’t expect to recognize them all, especially the berry flavors. Many of the fruits are specific to the area, such as the Calafate berry.

Cabana Mico

Inside Cabaña Micó, by Karina for TKGO

Two more posts coming, one Thursday, one Friday!

Part 1: Chocolates from Bariloche

Karina for TKGO


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