Beers from El Bolsón

Patagonia’s Tastiest Products

part 3: beer

El Bolson beers

El Bolsón beers, by Karina for TKGO

In addition to jams, El Bolsón also boasts some seriously flavorful artisanal beers. The eponymous Cerveza El Bolsón wins for most inventive beers. Flavors include chocolate and strawberry, and all manage to retain their brew dignity while also tasting undeniably like chocolate, strawberry or whatever the flavor is.

Otto Tipp beer sampler

Otto Tipp sampler, by Karina for TKGO

Otto Tipp, which was started by a German immigrant of the same name, is the original, and serves up complimentary tastings. Araucana is another local favorite. You can purchase a big cup of Arraunca on tap at the famous artisan market in town, which takes place a few times a week.


Araucana Beers

Araucana Beers, by Karina for TKGO



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Karina for TKGO


2 responses to “Beers from El Bolsón

  1. I love reading this blog! Especially because we are on the same page with traveling and writing, and because my boyfriend (who lacks the writing skill, among other skills) is in Patagonia right now! Super jealous but him and I are going to India, Nepal and China for two months in April… here’s my blog and a post I did on HuffPo too!!

  2. Stacy, I’m so glad you commented! We definitely are kindred spirits. Love your blog, too, and I’m now following you on Twitter. (I’m @KMartinezCarter.)

    Also, make sure the BF brings you back plenty of chocolate, beer and some jam for good measure…

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