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La Grotta Azzurra

I am back from a 12-day, post-graduation vacation to Italy with my family! While I could entertain you with missives about how delectable the food was or how stylish Italian men were — that will come — I have instead decided to start with a video from one of my favorite outings during our self guided tour through the boot-shaped peninsula.

While staying in Sorrento, we took a day trip to the enchanting island of Capri (pronounced CAH-pree). We spent the morning on a boat excursion that circled the island and eventually brought us to Capri’s crown jewel: La Grotta Azzurra. La Grotta Azzurra is about 60 meters long and 25 wide, and sunlight caught in the grotto interacts with the white sand to produce a deep, incandescent and otherworldly blue.  In other words, it’s breathtaking.

This is one of those times where my written description will do no justice, so I have made a video of our Grotta Azzurra experience, from waiting to enter to exiting. Tide was high that day, so you’ll see the narrow opening rowboats had to enter (by rowboat is the only way to enter the cave), as well hear a brief explanation from our guide. I tried to keep my camera steady, but we were on the ocean in a tiny boat, so it was sometimes difficult. If only we were living in the heyday of the Roman Empire! We maybe could have gone for a dip.

For more information on La Grotta Azzurra, visit the official site.

Karina for TKGO

Door County Getaway

Generally, I would leave the Wisconsin-related blogging to the Badger State native of our duo, Tara, however, my freshman-year roommate hails from Door County: a summer getaway destination in the thumb of Wisconsin. Recently, I took a jaunt up to her hometown with two other friends to experience a couple of days of Midwest vacation bliss.

With my former roommate as our tour guide, we filled our time in Door County with hiking, boating, delicious food and a drive-in. Below are some of my favorite eats and activities from the weekend.


White Gull Inn

Good Morning America recently crowned the White Gull Inn’s cherry stuffed French toast “Best Breakfast in America.” The sweet, fluffy cream cheese, fresh cherries and cinnamon sandwiched between French toast slices is irresistible, and the homespun ambience of the inn’s dining area is thoroughly pleasant. Next time I’m hoping to make it to one of the White Gull Inn fish boils.


Breakfast at White Gull Inn, by Karina for TKGO


Al Johnson’s

If you know anything about Door County, I bet you’ve heard of this place. It’s, as many refer to it, “the restaurant with the goats on the roof.” The Swedish restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the waitresses are outfitted in traditional Swedish dirndls. (Fun fact: My roommate used to work at Al Johnson’s and would wear her getup as a costume in college.) I recommend the Swedish pancakes — which resemble crepes more than fluffy diner flapjacks — with fresh fruit and of course, lingonberries.


Swedish pancakes at Al Johnson


Not Licked Yet

Like any good vacation town, ice cream options abound. My roommate has had time to try them all, and Not Licked Yet’s custard is her undisputed favorite. Chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch custard are the standard flavors, accompanied by a rotating flavor of the day. (When we stopped by it was Strawberry and Granola.) Enjoy your custard at lounge chairs or tables along the water, or finish it quickly to cavort on the massive swingset play area. You’re never too old, right?


Entrance to Not Licked Yet, by Karina for TKGO




We were lucky enough to take a ride on one of my roommate’s smaller boats, (owning a boat, from what I understand, is almost a requirement for any Door County resident) but you also can pay to ride one out in the harbor, as well. Boat between towns or just head out in the water to observe the lush beauty of the area.


On the boat, Elena (L) and me


Hiking in Peninsula State Park

Climb to the top of the park’s observatory tower to take in the surroundings, and then choose your trail and spend some time in the woods, which will take you along the water and past geometric-looking, natural caves.


Inside one of the caves along a hiking trail at Peninsula State Park, by Karina for TKGO


Sunset at Fred & Fuzzy’s

Most of the tables at this bar/restaurant are outdoors, and I’m convinced there are fewer places in the world where it’s prettier to watch a sunset. Order a cherry margarita, a local favorite, and wait for the sun to go down.


Sunset at Fred & Fuzzy


Skyway Drive-In

I felt as though I was entering the set of Grease when we pulled up to the drive-in movies. Seven dollars a person gains you entrance to the two movies playing that night. The movies are current (Shrek Forever After and Iron Man 2 were on for us), but the advertisements are retro-cutesy.


Shrek Forever After at Skyway Drive-In, by Karina for TKGO


Karina for TKGO