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European (Tobacco) Segregation

In the U.S., it’s common to have a designated smoking section in a public outdoor area. Before legislation was passed in the past few years, there were once even glass-walled areas inside restaurants that let a smoker know where he was welcome.

Though the end of the age of the smoker is near in America, it is very much alive in Europe! Check out this “non-smoking area” on a train station platform in Vienna–a glass box with chairs inside!





A TKGO Thanksgiving

We are thankful for…

  • Northwestern’s Intercampus shuttle, which gets us into one of the country’s most vibrant, tasty cities — Chicago — in record time and for free.
  • Mayan hot chocolate, particularly at ice skating rinks.
  • Flights that aren’t delayed or canceled.
  • European scarves that cost five euros on the street but still manage to keep us warm and looking trendy.
  • WordPress for blogging made easy.
  • The last year of our lives, which for Tara meant living in Buenos Aires, exploring South America and then months in New York City. For Karina that involved living in Barcelona, exploring Europe and then months in New York City. (We realize how lucky we are.)
  • Happy Ending Lounge, our favorite hipster, grab-bag springtime nightspot in New York City.
  • Our crazy, wonderful, multicultural families. And each other, of course!


TKGO at Happy Ending


Tara and Karina for TKGO