On the Road Again

My blogging silence ends with my recent arrival in eastern Europe. I write from the desk of the Hotel Le Meridien in Vienna at midnight. My room overlooks the opera house from behind the hotel sign’s lettering. How poetic.


Today was the first in Vienna after a three-day stint in Prague–too short, but anyone would agree a few days is better than none at all. Tomorrow brings a tour of some of Vienna’s most famous landmarks, including the Spanish Riding School, the last of its kind to mandate the rider wear traditional Spanish garb on horseback. The following day it’s onward; Budapest awaits.

Expect a few small updates before you get the full download on my return… But we all know Europe is not the U.S. When it comes to putting free wi-fi in every corner of the city and on trains, none can compete. I will update when I can, but you can also check out our Tumblr and Twitter, where I have also been dropping photos and tidbits.

Until then, auf wiedersehen!



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