The Buenos Aires Podcast

I’m keeping today’s post short, because I’m directing you instead to a place that has already done the work of packaging up Buenos Aires insight and condensed into podcast form for your listening pleasure. It’s called the Buenos Aires Podcast, or B.A. Cast.

I stumbled upon the B.A. Cast a couple months into my time in Buenos Aires and listened to all the (as of then) released episodes in one sitting. The hosts of the 20-ish minute podcasts—which are in English—are Dan Karlin, a Buenos Aires transplant originally from the U.S. and Fernando Farias, a B.A. local. They work into the episodes such varied topics as Argentine history, current events and Spanish slang (lunfardo) lessons, as well as cultural happenings and the need-to-know, all while achieving that perfect tone and balance between the informative and funny.

I have now met both the hosts, but I didn’t know either of them when they found my post right here on this blog, Joining a Gym in Buenos Aires, and quoted it on their show. They often include interviews with other expats or locals on their show, and draw on stories and posts by others about the city, as they did with this blog. One of the most fascinating episodes, in my opinion, is Episode 20 of Season 1, in which discuss body image in Argentina and bring in some female guests to share their opinions.

Check out the YouTube B.A. Cast trailer here:

Even if you’re not living in Buenos Aires, if you’ve just visited once or hope to visit one day, I encourage you listen to some of the episodes. At the very least you’ll leave more knowledgeable about this crazy, pulsating city in the Southern Hemisphere, and the mama of a country in which it’s located. You have time to start and finish Season 1 before Season 2 debuts. Do it!


2 responses to “The Buenos Aires Podcast

  1. HI!
    I’m Juanma, one of the guys involved in BA Cast.
    We want to thank you for sharing such an enthusiastic post about BaCast.
    We really love producing the show and it makes us very, very happy when our listeners tell us that they like it.

    Thanks a lot karina, suerte! 😀

  2. Hi Juanma,
    Of course! Keep up the great work—you have many fans out there looking forward to Season 2.

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