Visiting an Estancia Outside Buenos Aires

Even if only for a day, a popular getaway for porteños (Buenos Aires natives) and visitors to the city is to an estancia outside Buenos Aires. Argentine estancias are located in the countryside, which is a term used loosely to describe anything outside the — or any — city. The properties are essentially really classy dude ranches that channel the gaucho lifestyle. Though all vary, most offer horseback riding, bike riding, outdoor activities and entertainment and have a restaurant on site, as well as plenty of wine and mate on hand.

I spent a recent Sunday at the Rodizio Campo in Luján, a smaller city about two hours outside Buenos Aires and a name you might recognize for its famous church. In addition to the amenities and activities mentioned above, all of which are included in most estancia visits for a fixed price, Rodizio Campo had pools and even a small collection of farm animals (if beavers, turtles and flamingo-like birds can count as farm animals, that is). Below is a slideshow of some photos from the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look for a post later this week that includes video from the estancia and some explanation and background about the Argentine term gaucho.

Karina for TKGO


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