SantaCon 2010: Christmas Anarchy in New York City

I don’t like the holidays. But I have finally found a reason to enjoy the entire month of December, and it has everything to do with the worldwide phenomenon known as SantaCon.

My SantaCon New York began at 9 a.m., when I met two friends in Union Square, pulled a santa suit over my clothes in the middle of the park and headed to the nearest subway stop. Between these activities, the three of us were stopped by a group of Argentinean tourists for a photo, countless pointing and screaming six-year-olds, three grandmas, and one lost and drunk SantaCon participant who went from “oddball” to “BFF” in the time it takes to fall down the stairs to the subway.

SantaCon 2010 NYC

SantaCon 2010 NYCFor more photos, check out the TKGO Facebook page!

To meet up with the rest of the santas, the only way is to follow the @SantaCon Twitter feed, which announces the intersection whose bars will soon be overrun, or the part of Central Park in which the santas will be playing reindeer games.

@SantaCon 2010 Twitter Highlights from TKGO

In a santa suit, it’s impossible not to make fast friends. Going to an ATM, buying pumpkin bread at the farmers market, crossing the street—all result in ridiculous conversation, laughter and Christmas carols.

This weekend, all the lucky residents of Las Vegas, Toronto, Reykjavik, Tokyo, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle and even my hometown, Appleton, Wisconsin, will get to witness SantaCon firsthand. If you plan on crashing, don’t forget the essentials: sneakers, gloves, ID, cash, and a Kleenex pocket pack for when the toilet paper inevitably runs out.

Find your nearest SantaCon location and buy your $10 suit—’tis the season!

Tara for TKGO

Side Note: For those of you in Chicago, you’ve missed your chance at SantaCon this year, but don’t miss the equally obnoxious Chiditarod in March, 2011! (Registration required!)


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