Fuerza Bruta in Buenos Aires

It took me coming to Buenos Aires to finally make it to Fuerza Bruta.

I had wanted to go in Chicago, but missed it. Then I set my sights on New York City when I was home over the summer, but it didn’t work out. It’s best it happened in Buenos Aires, though, because here is where the show originated.

The interactive, acrobatic, near-no-dialogue show has viewers standing in a high-ceilinged, enclosed room for the duration, which is about an hour. The actors move through the crowd, fly from the ceiling and slide across a wet plexiglass pool above viewers heads.

Fuerza Bruta is a show you can interpret however you like — some fairly common themes like a man running on a treadmill are pretty easy to pick up on — but I would be shocked if you didn’t have fun. It is a high-energy design and engineering marvel, and it becomes a raining dance party I wanted to go on for hours.

Below are chronological clips from the show, which while thrilling, do little to convey the energy, intimacy and engagement of the show. The show tours internationally, and is now playing in Buenos Aires and New York City, with Bogota and Puebla coming soon. If you’re in any of those places, I highly recommend purchasing tickets. My friends and I are considering going back for round two.

Karina for TKGO


One response to “Fuerza Bruta in Buenos Aires

  1. glad to see you’ve finally made it to the amazing show! definitely one of the best i’ve seen and even better with argentines who love to dance and jump. so great.

    i recommend trying to get a ticket for the friday night show. supposedly those nights they have a dance party afterwards that does go on for hours!

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