Welcome to my Neighborhood

I currently am writing this post from Baraka, a bustling café in my current corner of the world, the neighborhood of Palermo. Palermo is one of the most populous and largest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires; it’s also considered one of the most well-to-do (especially the subsection of Palermo Chico) and trendiest areas. Parks and plazas, designer stores, restaurants with coveted dinner reservations, art galleries, boliches (clubs) with long lines and cafés prime for people-watching fill Palermo.

Map of Palermo, Buenos Aires

Photo courtesy of BuenosAires54.com

I technically live in the section of Palermo called Palermo Viejo; other bite-sized areas of the neighborhood include the aforementioned Palermo Chico, as well as Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood, the latter two of which are considered trend central. With all of the amenities, entertainment and happenings, it could be easy to get comfortable and never leave this neighborhood. It is important to remember Palermo is only one part of the city, something I hear even some locals who live here forget sometimes. Still, exploring the neighborhood is a must when visiting Buenos Aires, though any guidebook or recommendations from friends as far as shopping, dining and nightlife go will most likely lead you here at some point.

I’ve compiled a slideshow of photos I’ve taken (with the exception of the first map shot, of course) to introduce you to my new home zone, a lovely little place I’m still exploring street by street.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Karina for TKGO


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