Hello, Buenos Aires!

It’s been a bit since I’ve authored a TKGO post, but my move to Buenos Aires and consequent settling-in time provided the perfect opportunity for Tara, the arctic adventurer, to bring you her awesome TKGO Antarctica installment. Now that I’m in the Southern Hemisphere and closer to Antarctica than ever, I might just have to figure out how to take a jaunt down there. At the very least I’ll make it to Patagonia!

I’ve been in Buenos Aires for about two weeks now, living in a Palermo apartment with two (American) friends and fellow Northwestern graduates, one of whom studied abroad here two years ago. We’ve developed a network of other recent college grad American expats, as well as Argentine friends, and spent time exploring the city’s sights, food, nightlife and routines. It’s only the beginning, though, because we’re here to live. Rushed tourists we are not, and that is my favorite part of all of this.


Street República de la India in my Palermo neighborhood, by Karina for TKGO

Having moved here sight unseen, I thought it would be appropriate for my first post to be an overview of my initial impressions, reactions and feelings related to this vibrant city — a city I’m already totally in love with, despite the copious amounts of dog poop. (Read on…)

Initial Impressions of Buenos Aires

  • It’ll be impossible to establish a regular sleep schedule. Last Saturday we planned to go to a bar with some friends, and our Argentine amigo informed us a 2 am arrival time would be way too early; we’d probably be the only ones there. We left said bar around 6 am, and needless to say, the party was still going strong. Most boliches (clubs) here don’t even open their doors until 1:30 am or so. This city, quite simply, is totally crazy.
  • The food is more delicious (and diverse) than I expected. Of course the steak is unparalleled, but what about crisp and doughy empanadas, some of the most decadent gelato known to man (I’m convinced! Have you tried Freddo?!), and don’t even get me started on the pizza. I most definitely could expand on this point for lines and lines, but I’ll save the details —including food porn photos — for later blog posts.
  • There’s a lot of dog poop. Walk and text at your own risk! For reasons unfathomable to me, people have something against picking up their dog’s droppings on the sidewalks here. I’ve learned to walk with very regular downward glances.
  • The city has a beat. I’m not sure if it’s the thumping nightlife, the heated tango, love for music and dancing in general, or perhaps fervent passion for sports teams — and it’s probably a combination plus more — but you can just feel it here. People have a spirit, excitement and passion for each day and whatever it is they’re doing. I’m sure my childlike glee at being in such a new place amplifies my sense of this, but I want to feed off this city’s energy forever.

Karina for TKGO


4 responses to “Hello, Buenos Aires!

  1. Hey we see you have really gotten to know the city, but the real question is….have you done a night out on the town with The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl?? =)

    Well, hopefully we will see you two out and maybe you have already been out, but if not then we will see you soon.

    The B.A. Pub Crawl Crew

  2. I haven’t yet! Funny thing, though, is that I actually met some of your coworkers last night when walking back from dinner. We’ll definitely tag along soon!

  3. That street is actually República de la India (pic taken from the corner of Las Heras avenue), Siria is two blocks to the right 😀 (this post is being written from Siria and Cerviño, 500 meters from that wonderful scenario, albeit somewhat smelly in the summer) (thanks to the elephants, the park to the left is the zoo! Plus irresponsible dog owners who abuse the zoo’s perimeter as a free canine toilet)

  4. Hi Julian,
    You are totally right, and now that I’ve been in the city a little longer I realize that, too. It’s still one of my favorite blocks in the city!
    Thanks for the catch,

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