TerraCycle: One Man’s Trash…

There’s a garbage revolution going on, and it’s materializing in my New Jersey county.

TerraCycle is founded on the conviction that all garbage can be re-purposed or “recycled,” even if in a non-traditional way. The company’s small staff, headed by former Princeton University student Tom Szaky, has fashioned candy wrappers into purses, Purina dog bags into and circuit boards into clocks. Their products are more than a environmentalist’s hippie-dippy side project, though; TerraCycle goods are available in major national retailers including Walmart and Target.

The company’s headquarters are in Trenton, New Jersey, and in addition to selling their products in places like Whole Foods and Home Depot, they have a TerraCycle store in Princeton’s Palmer Square. Eco-capitalist Tom Szaky and his staff also star in National Geographic Channel’s entertaining reality show “Garbage Moguls.” The show documents the staff’s unconventional challenges, such as figuring out how to turn cookie wrappers into kites (see the clip below). It also captures their workday antics and driving desire to do things differently.

I stopped in the Palmer Square store yesterday and snapped some photos of the space and their products, as seen in the photo slideshow below. To learn more about TerraCycle — like their national collection programs and how local schools make money from the company — and to see their products, visit the official site or catch the “Garbage Moguls” show. You’ll have a hard time looking at a wrapper or plastic bag the same way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Karina for TKGO

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