A College Passover

In honor of the Jewish holiday, a few of our friends hosted a Passover Seder for Jews and Gentiles alike. We both were in attendance at the event and relished the chance to share (Tara) and learn about (Karina) Jewish culture and traditions with good friends while indulging in delicious kosher food. (You can really do a lot without flour! Take our friend’s homemade matzo pizza, filmed below, as an example.)

Below are some clips from the seder, including the race to find the afikoman, or the piece of matzo that is broken and hidden during the Seder. The prize for being the first to the unleavened bread? An Easter basket.

Tara and Karina for TKGO


3 responses to “A College Passover

  1. Thanks for the feature:)

  2. Total highlight of spring quarter, it’s always awesome to gather a motley, religiously diverse crew together to nosh, share traditions and imbibe. Next year, someone needs to sponsor an interfaith Easter brunch. Or maybe a Ramadan-Yom Kippur break-the-fast feast exactly halfway between the two holidays. Thoughts?

  3. Yashil! Your matzo pizza was a total hit; I had to feature it in the video.

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