Contemporary Tchochkes

In Barcelona I discovered a shopping secret: Museum stores. A museum store is the ideal place to find souvenirs not sold on every corner of whichever city you’re in, or to pick up personal gifts for family and friends. From gorgeous, glossy coffee table books to artsy jewelry and home wares, they’re full of things you never knew you needed — or at least really wanted.

When I began interning at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago about a month ago, I was certain to stop in the MCA Store. I’ve since been back multiple times because, I must say, it’s the most intriguing museum store I have seen yet. So far I’ve managed to keep my spending spree to one pair of Hotcakes earrings. (I grabbed the last pair of resin red rose earrings, pictured here on the bottom right of the page.)

I’ve included a few photos below, courtesy of the MCA site, to give an idea of the array of products in the store. Of course, this sampling hardly does justice to how awesome the offerings are, so if you’re in the area, be sure to stop in the store. (And the museum itself, too. Tuesdays are free!) Click the images to go to the item on the MCA Store site.


Multicolored Nesting Set



Chrome Tangle



Mona Lisa Clock



Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers




The Rockabillies, by photographer and Chicago native Jennifer Greenberg



Arne Jacobsen/Paul Smith Mini Chair


Karina for TKGO


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  1. Love love love this post

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