Souping in Winter Park

After hearing the locals rave, I had to satiate my curiosity.

Our latest endeavor is a Northwestern University student-organized ski trip to Winter Park, Colorado, and because it’s early season we’re more than happy just to have snow! About half the mountain is open, and we’re both thankful for the fresh layer of powder laid down yesterday. But more than any other cold-weather food, I am thankful for soup. So after a long day of skiing, I grabbed my roommate Chenault (who also ventured to Viet Town with me) and headed into the Village at Winter Park.

The Back Bowl Soup Company succeeds in every way. The owner greeted us when we walked in and let us sample the five soups of the day, including Red Bell Pepper, Chicken Tortellini and Green Chili. We decided on the Mushroom Cheeseburger, a savory, hearty broth full of onions, ground beef, and, of course, mushrooms, all covered in melted cheddar cheese. The owners are still working on a weekly menu of set soup offerings, but until then they try to offer a chili, a veggie option, a beef option, and a chicken option every day. The more popular selections are a Thai Coconut Chicken, all the chilis (from Mountain Chili with White Beans to the Green Chili, which the owners recommend for breakfast), the delicious Mushroom Cheeseburger and the vegetarian Potato Leek. Don’t forget the bread bowl!

While the soups are worth the trip, the service is what gives the place five stars. The owners brought Chenault and I a complimentary serving of bread pudding while we devoured our soups, and of course offer every customer a sample of every soup before asking them to make such serious decisions.

Back Bowl Soup Company, 110 Parry Peak Way (ask the locals to point you in the right direction or you’ll never find it!), the Village at Winter Park, 970-624-0010. Find the “daily soup report” on Back Bowl’s web site.

-Tara for TKGO


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