Shades of Puerto Rico

By now you might have read my posts about the ice cream, café and musical acts I came across during my two weeks in Puerto Rico, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that beautiful little island where almost everyone drives SUVs (not so beautiful, but very true). Since it’s beginning to get colder and more drab in both my New Jersey and Chicago-area homes, I decided it was apropos to share some of the especially colorful and inviting photos I took during my time in PR.

Some pictures I took while lounging on the beach in San Juan or strolling through Old San Juan (which reminded me of both Lisbon and Sevilla; see if you think I’m right on that). Others are from a weekend jaunt to Fajardo or the natural wonder, Las Cavernas de Camuy. And the last image is a shot of my aunt and cousin, my beautiful and gracious hosts, and me out to dinner at Parrot Club (delicious, by the way; the mojitos especially) on my last night in Puerto Rico.

Karina for TKGO


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